Fraud report

Person fraudster:

Camille Mason

eBay login: buy_or_make_a_offer

Address: 4 W Arbaugh Ct, Marion, Indiana, 46952.

E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

Phone numbers: (765) 251-4444, (765) 651-8910, (765) 664-3851

History summary

My name is Elena Levicheva, I am a ball-joint dolls fan. March 21, 2014 I put up my doll FeePle65 Angela Full Package (Peacock) — Limited Edition 68 sets for sale through auction eBay. Almost immediately, a user buy_or_make_a_offer (Camille Mason) wrote me and asked to sell the doll in installments. She offered to pay $ 300 direct and $850 in two months later (see attached letter 01 and 02). In a letter 03 I wrote about what was included in the purchase. Camille wrote that she has similar dolls, so she knows their value (see letters 04 and 04A). Further, we have agreed about payment (see letters 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10). Camille transferred me $300, which was nonrefundable payment. Camille wrote on April 15, that she is much more interested in outfite and accessories and buys a doll because of them (see letter 11). In a letter 12 I again reminded Camilla what were parts of the purchase. Then the buyer has declared that she was ready to pay the remaining amount, but I had to return the first payment. Suspecting fraud, I refused, but the buyer was very pushy, so I returned her first payment. I did this transaction when my PayPal balance was zero (see letters 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20).

Buyer paid the rest amount on April 17, and I sent a full package included: doll, body, head, 2 faceplates, full suit, shoes, accessories and extra hands on April 18. After received the doll buyer opened a case against me. The reason: "item is not as described". In this case the buyer has not provided any evidence of mismatching. In contrast, she tried to slander me several times. For example, that I forced her to pay off Ebay, that I wanted to steal her first payment (which she agreed to be nonrefundable and which I returned her), that I sent her broken doll and did not put in a doll costume and accessories. Again, no proof and evidence, only words: you can see our correspondence from the case in letters 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 29A. I contacted eBay support two times with complaints against the buyer, they were totally ignored. Buyer claims that the doll has several injuries, but there is photo of only one (see photos 30, 31, 32), which I offered to cover despite there wasn't my fault and lack of insurance. The buyer ignored this and claimed for keep the purchase and total refund.

There is no general picture of the parcel. No video decompression. I provided the following evidence: postal receipt indicating the weight of the parcel (33 photo), attachments included in my parcel (photo 34, 35, 36). Weight of my parcel was 3.7 kg. The doll's weight was 1.7 kg (37, 38). The rest packaging weighed unique costume of doll with shoes and accessories (39, 40, 41). The buyer hid and left this.

Conflict Resolution eBay center made the following decision (see letters 42, 43, 44, 45, 46): resolve the case in buyers favor, make full refund for the buyer after the buyer will return the package. I sent new, beautiful, fully equipped doll. There is no evidence that the buyer received the item in another state, except photo of one damage, which I offered to cover. eBay offers me accept broken, incomplete item from the buyer for the full cost of the new thing. In other words, eBay promotes fraud at my expense and doesn't want respect its own customer protection guarantee.

Due to eBay sellers protection programm, if the item is returned to seller, it must be exactly at the same state, in which it was received. The buyer sent me parcel. The parcel's weight is 6lb 5.2oz = 2kg 868.97g. The parcel which I sent to buyer weighed 3736g. The difference in weight is 867 grams ( see photos 47 and 48), about 25% of total weight. That is not what I sent to the buyer. eBay Conflict Resolution center just ignores the facts. Obviously there is a fraud by the buyer and the flagrant violation of eBay sellers protection guarantee by eBay Inc.

I have been a eBay customer for about 5 years with impeccable reputation, 100% positive feedback. Right now this buyer sullied my name with two false negative feedbacks, despite of there was one real sale and it is allowed to leave only one feedback for the sale. eBay doesn't protect me at all and lets to steal my money.

On 06 May, 2014 the fraudster buyer tried to open a disput against me in PayPal system about her first payment $300 (photo 49). This is very interesting after buyers yells about her helplessness. As I see, the only vulnerable person in this story is me.

07 May, 2014 I contacted eBay High Value Claims department via email with all those questions and statements (50, 51). And received the answer 12 May, 2014. It took them 5 days to answer! When I did get the reply it had NOTHING to do with what I had written. They are jerking me around (see 52, 53). It looks like Brad H. didn't even read my letter. I called eBay support on 08 May, 2014, at 01:40pm (Washington DC), and the customer rep (Anabel — she would not give me her last name or employee number) told me due to all those questions that it is impossible now to change the resolution and I have to wait until the parcel will come. After that I will be able to make an appeal to change the decision — it will be possible then, because I have doll's photos before it was sended to the buyer and they shows that it was not broken and the item was as described. When I asked her, why then they made this resolution, she replied that now nothing could be done before I will receive the parcel.

When I got parcel I made a decompression video right in the post office:

As you can see, there was completely different doll inside (photos: 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60. Compare head type, eyebrows, lips). eBay High Value Claims department that I contacted immediately at 866-540-3229 (9:46 am (Pacific time) of 16 May, 2014) refused to aknowlege the facts and my photo and video evidence. A customer rep Brad (as I think, the same Brad H. from the letters) spoke with me in very nervous manner. He told me that he did not see any difference between the doll I sold and the doll I got, and that I must refund the buyer and then he suggested I can complain anywhere I want. Then I was disconnected. I immediately called back and was connected to other customer rep Spencer. I wanted him to help me to file an appeal to the case. He led me astray concerning appeal procedure: he told me that I have to make full refund to the buyer to get the opportunity to appeal. Because my english is not perfect, I asked him more than three times to ensure: «I have to make a full refund to the buyer, and only after that I will have the ability to appeal throw eBay service?«. And he answered me each time: «Yes, sure» . I trusted him and provided the refund. But he lied to me. This was false: then I contacted High Value Claims rep Brad again (19 May, 2014, 9:55am (Pacific time) ) to file an appeal, he told me that it was MY decision to provide full refund to the buyer, so it will be impossible to appeal on this case! eBay Inc’s exclusive pro-buyers policy provides felonies and helps criminals to rob honest sellers without guaranteeing any protection!

Right now I have someone else’s broken item, as well as the total loss of $510 ($300 original outfit, $50 gun accessories, $100 sleeping faceplate, $60 makeup on original doll’s head).

For eBay all my evidences was nothing versus ONLY buyer’s word. I contacted eBay multiple times, but they «helped» me only by lying about their appeal procedure, so at the end I lost my money and cannot appeal through eBay service. eBay discriminates me, does not follow it’s programs and contracts and provides unhealthy business practices allowing frauds. If I knew this earlier, I would not use eBay service to sell my item, but eBay advertises like a safe trade place. I wanted eBay to cover my significant loss of $510, that I got due to its fault. But they did nothing for me. I even got back eBay’s selling fees to my PayPal account after more than 1,5 months I initiated the request about this!

NEVER use eBay to sell your items if you do not want to be in my place! As a buyer you can cheat, lie and do any frauds you want to get items for free — eBay will support your felonies in any case!

I tried to defend my rights and to protect other people I filled complains in those organisations:,,,, No one of them helped me.

But please be careful: as I know, this person Camille Mason continues to behave the same way!
camille mason

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